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September 25, 2008
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Ladder Award: NZ peacekeepers in Afghanistan

Village-connections would like to award its first ladder to those innovative army people who took the time and trouble to ensure the New Zealand peacekeepers about to be deployed in Afghanistan first made good connections with Afghanis living Christchurch. The Christchurch-based Afghanis familiar with the Bamyan province, where the peacekeepers were headed, helped to teach them some of their language, customs and culture. Before departure, the Christchurch Afghanis said that they would see to it that the Bamyan Afghanis would help protect New Zealand peacekeepers.

On Radio New Zealand (14 August 2008) a spokesperson from the New Zealand Defence Force revealed local villagers in Bamyan are standing between New Zealand troops and Afghani insurgents who want to attack.

See NZ forces enlist hope of locals as best defence (PDF 26.3K)


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