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September 17, 2008
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September 30, 2008
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Shovel Award: for digging community into a bureaucratic hole

This week a Shovel has been awarded to those who support the Education Amendment Bill introduced by Education Minister Chris Carter last week (September 08). This Bill proposes police vetting of all people who have unsupervised access to children during the opening hours of early childhood centres and schools.

The reason for the Shovel is that this Bill will add another layer of bureaucracy and more bureaucrats to the community.

It will add the need for more technology with the vetting procedures, and a requirement for local community to learn these procedures, taking valuable time and adding frustration.

It will also add disincentives for parents (and others in the community) to be involved with their children, and eliminate what used to be spontaneous acts of support and kindness.

In short, it is a move away from an environment where children and adults alike develop skills in communicating with one another about whom to trust and in what ways, to one where people are forced to be dependent on bureaucracy. As a result they risk becoming more naive as individuals and even more vulnerable.

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See Minister’s press release (9 September) (PDF, 12 KB) and release from New Zealand Playcentre Federation (11 September 08) (PDF, 12KB)

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