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September 3, 2008
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October 2, 2008
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Locally grounded and globally connected: the way for New Zealand?

New Zealand has developed an interesting mix of Polynesian, Western, Asian and other cultures, situated as it is in the South of the Pacific Rim.

With this unique blending of cultures and traditions of hospitality there is a strong basis to become a ‘hub’ of intercultural, economic, and technological innovation and knowledge. However, it cannot happen by chance. There is a need to recognize and develop this intercultural potential by connecting more effectively at local levels.

Differences can become a basis for new forms of creativity and innovation and knowledge. They can also become a basis for new forms of disunity and discord.

For example, violence against Asians in Auckland inspires strong talk about creating and funding from public moneys a private police force.

At a time when there is much global socio-cultural, economic and ecological insecurity, and need for new knowledge, is this really the best, most creative solution New Zealanders can come up with?

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