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February 16, 2009
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March 31, 2009
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Ladder Award: Adam Hutchinson for easy-to-use system for texting feedback

A Ladder is awarded to Adam Hutchinson for developing a user-friendly customer texting service for inviting feedback.  Businesses can subscribe and customers can text their feedback.

The system has been trialled at 3 Christchurch (New Zealand) restaurants according to a report in The Press 4 March, 2009. Customers are texting their feedback at the rate of about 30 texts a week.

Hutchinson is given the Award for four main reasons:

  1. The principle involved: All concerned are better off if there are effective feedback loops and giving and receiving feedback is made easy. This application could be developed for many other situations, including and especially village development.
  2. Innovative use of technology: Organisations often say they want feedback, but it is not always easy for people to give it, especially in a frank way. Many New Zealanders find texting a user-friendly form of communication.
  3. Win-win approach: without such a service, New Zealanders tend not to complain directly to those concerned, but they do tend to tell many others of their complaint. Hutchinson’s approach enables text feedback from a safe distance and for organisations to choose or not to take the feedback on board.
  4. Modelling effective processes: Most of us welcome feedback that is complementary, but are less eager if feedback is of the negative kind. This kind of service can provide a model for business – or community – or whoever, for demonstrating how getting feedback (positive and negative) can be easy and, importantly, provide valuable information necessary for effective decision-making.What do you think? Send in your comment or your Ladder or Shovel Award.

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