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April 23, 2010
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The Unworthy Tree – a creative filmed story of a successful local development project

"Once upon a time, not so long ago, a magnificent pine tree ... One day..." From the earliest of times people have had a need to make sense of their world and its possibilities through telling stories. It is the way many cultures learned.

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Screenplay by Martin Howells. Creatively adapted from  The Unworthy Tree – a true story by Hazel Ashton that draws on her MA research (2002).

The Unworthy Tree is directed by Martin Howells and produced with the support of Hazel Ashton’s BRCSS Post Doctoral Research grant.

The Unworthy Tree from Hazel Ashton on Vimeo .


  1. Sylvi says:

    Bravo! this short film is a gem. “The Unworthy Tree” is a beautiful story told in a charming manner-it brought tears to my eyes once the tree was named ‘unworthy’…and then strength and balance was gained as the story unfolded!

    This is a sweet and enriching tale of the natural evolution of community, stemming from one person’s love and demonstrating how that respect and caring touched one person after another….brilliant- so gratifying to see a true story with such a timely and positive message. And what a perfect film for children to gain from and to discuss in a group setting, at school, or to view with their family….it provides inspiration for all ages! It truly illustrates “be the change you want to see”

  2. Terry says:

    I must say that was a very endearing way to make a point. I truly hope this makes it to a broad audience. Well done.

  3. Tessa says:

    I too felt sorry for the tree but very glad it had a happy ending! It was good to see this was a true story, it seems that the “St Albans” community is quite well connected, and nice to see many people enjoying their community park. This film made me very aware how disconnected I am to my own community, which has a very small locally published newsletter. I read last week that they are going to need help putting together a community garden – and after watching this film, it seems like a timely push to go out and introduce myself and possibly offer some help. I very much enjoyed the narrative and the message this film conveyed. I would definitely recommend others to take a few minutes out of their day to have a watch.

  4. Rocket says:

    Wow, I had a grin from start to finish. I live overseas at the moment, and it was beautiful to see my home again!
    Its lovely to see that St Albans has wonderful community spirit, the film captured that. Packe Street park is very lucky to have so many looking after it! Loved the narritive, and the little girls dancing. It was a beautiful story and good to know it was true one as well!
    Thankyou, I know alot of Kiwis over here that i will be sharing it with

  5. luisa says:

    this video means hope and believing that together people can make big changes. In a dificult situation th diference betwen heaven and hell is that in heaven people care for each other. Continue to believe!

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