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The New Auckland Super City and its Communities

As is to be expected, a lot is happening in Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand now that a new Super City is being created there this year. The implications for local communities are enormous, and new official and community infrastructures are being put in place. Village-Connections would welcome contributions about what is happening there.

The following is a very brief introductory account of what is happening, or seems to be happening, as picked up by someone writing from outside, in Christchurch.


The Auckland Governance Commission, 2007-09

A Royal Commission on Auckland Governance was established in October 2007 to  investigate the local and regional government and well-being of the Auckland region and its communities, and the region’s contribution to wider national objectives and outcomes.

It took submissions in 2008 and made its recommendations in March 2009. The results were written up in a large, 4 volume report

One outcome of the commission’s work is the formation of a new Auckland super-city council, which will come into existence on 1 November this year.

The Auckland Social Policy Forum

Another is the formation by the government of an Auckland Social Policy Forum, which will meet late this year after the council begins to operate.

The aim of this forum as described in a media statement by the Minister for Social Development and Employment Paula Bennett is to ensure communities, central and local government work together to address social issues in Auckland (see media release 04/05/2009).

The statement adds that the forum will comprise the Minister for Social Development and Employment as Chair, the Mayor of Auckland Council and Chairs of relevant Auckland Council Committees, as well as select representation from Local Boards.

The Community Response

Communities are also organizing themselves to relate to the new Auckland super city.

Arising out of community dialogue in 2009 came calls to build new ways for communities across Auckland to come together and maximise the community voice into new Super City. People also wanted the community sector to start building a long term plan for communities in Auckland. See: 140 attend first Auckland Community Development Alliance forum (ACDA)

As reported by Waitakere-based community development worker Megan Courtney a Super Communities for the Super City forum was held in Manukau in 2009. The aim of this forum was to get “communities and community organisations across Auckland to work more closely together – to maximise community voice and impact of community perspectives in Auckland governance arrangements.  Making sure thing went from talk to action” (see also Inspiring Communities report)

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