Local agency – our shared ability to act and interact – does matter

We all live somewhere. We all have needs and aspirations that are both individual and social. Most wish to see possibilities for fulfilling these aspirations, if not for all, then at least for ourselves and our families and friends. The question is: what would a place which could meet the various needs and aspirations of its inhabitants look like? What would enable us to recognize such a place? How could we then, in practice, work collaboratively to develop this place further around such recognition? Aligned with creative commons principles, you are most welcome to share, copy, distribute and transmit Village-connections content provided it is fully attributed, is not used for commercial purposes, or altered and transformed in any way. Needless to say, we do not welcome spammers and others who spoil the enjoyment of those who use this website. For this reason the site is moderated. We reserve the right to publish or sometimes not to publish, and/or to sometimes edit material. Please don’t take this to mean you have to agree, because above all, we want people to be able to express themselves easily and authentically.