May 5, 2012

Could Wellington become an Antipodean Diplomatic Village?

Could New Zealand and Turkey build on their historically-grounded ANZAC relationship to help prevent (potentially nuclear) war breaking out in the present? Could they begin conversations in antipodean Wellington?
April 8, 2012

China, the United States, Australia, New Zealand & Huawei

Feeling continually pressured to make choices between rival giants looks like a no win path for a small country
March 11, 2012

New Iran talks – this time with some antipodean assistance?

BBC correspondent James Reynolds says Iran nuclear issue talks in Geneva in 2010, and Istanbul in January 2011 “were essentially parallel monologues.” Could antipodean New Zealand offer some low-key but effective communication-building?
February 18, 2012

Neutral communication brokering between Asia-Pacific elephants

“The very fact of New Zealand being an anglophile outpost in Asia-Pacific makes it possible to search for strategies of niche diplomacy…. as interlocutors between Asia-Pacific and the West.” Ramesh Thakur, 1992
February 13, 2012

Locally and globally connected post-earthquake development – Submission to CERA

To make of this central-city locale a very smart and lively two-way hub for local-through-to-global suburban flows of knowledge and data, encompassing regular education, business services, along with cutting-edge innovative …
December 31, 2011

From US-Iran problems to a new, local-global solutions paradigm

New Zealand diplomats with nuclear-free peacemaking credentials based already in Tehran, Washington, London, and Europe could right now begin...
November 17, 2011

Threatened Israeli Airstrike on Iran: NZ Nuclear-free Liaison Proposed

At President Obama’s Washington Nuclear Summit New Zealand's Prime minister John Key offered "New Zealand leadership on the nuclear issue."
April 24, 2011

Turkey and New Zealand – From World War One Antagonists to Peacemaking Partners? (Part 2, 2011)

Although little noted in New Zealand, Turkey, with the strong support of Pakistan, is currently a major driving force for helping to bring parties together for Afghan peace talks.
December 6, 2010

New Zealand should help cool Korean and United States heads

I think the right starting point is Foreign Minister McCully’s call for “cool heads” to prevent escalation....I invite him to consider how this can be translated into practice, and to examine carefully the Chinese spokesperson’s statement…
September 23, 2010

Local and global village security: Iran-United States dialogue

A simple phone call might start talks on Iran’s nuclear program. Could non-threatening nuclear-free NZ check this out?
September 16, 2010

Social networking – local – after the Christchurch earth quake

I think we’ve heard enough from leaders and would-be leaders who advocate re-building yesterday’s organizations. I think we need to hear more from the new builders, especially those that would like to help build effective local networks.
August 10, 2010

Framing coherent, flourishing community, economic and foreign policy

Successful small countries that offer some cues are Switzerland and Singapore. In their own ways, they have each turned their small size to positive account.