August 11, 2010

Ladder Award: Gareth Morgan for refreshing insights on welfare reform

When asked if he would support work schemes for people on welfare benefits, such as in the great depression, Gareth Morgan replied, “no, I would rather see people equipped for work, equipped for innovation.”
February 6, 2010

Ladder Award: Martin Coffey for offering to help pay to re-build local pool

This weeks Ladder is awarded to Martin Coffey, an 86 year resident of St Albans, Christchurch New Zealand, for offering to put millions of dollars of his own money into helping re-build his local community pool
March 6, 2009

Well-connected localities for innovative ways out of the recession

The severity of the current economic crisis has been compared to The Great Depression of 1930s.The lesson appears to be limited to ensuring that the flows of trade and credit are maintained.
December 14, 2008

Key to a Bright Future

With the significant exception of broadband rollout, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key's Speech from the Throne reads like a blast from the past.
December 13, 2008

Shovel Award: Education Minister re – punishing parents of truant children

A Shovel Award goes to Education Minister Anne Tolley for her bill increasing the punishment for parents of truants (children not attending school).
November 12, 2008

Ladder Award: Labour Party’s inspirational conflict resolution proposals

This weeks Ladder Award goes to the Labour Party for its election campaign proposal (1 November, 2008) to build on New Zealand’s independent nuclear-free foreign policy, by developing "New Zealand’s role in international conflict resolution.”
October 2, 2008

Community Care: Some connections

Local resident Margreet Stronks, who was the main instigator and driving force behind OSCAR, described care as being closer to the German form of care - solicitude, care for, care about, in this case, the children in St Albans.
October 2, 2008

Human Care caught between care for profits and care about regulations

As private-public partnerships become increasingly established as normal practice, community care can become bound up with other forms of care: care for profit and care for regulation. What are the possible consequences of this trend for human care in our communities, care for each other, and care about our own possibilities?
September 30, 2008

Shovel Award: for cutting community amenity budgets and calling it visionary

A Shovel Award goes to the people of the Christchurch City Council responsible for their “Community Facilities Network Vision” to cut local community funding. How can such cuts to community amenities be called “visionary”? Visions are meant to be inspiring, to open up possibilities, to create hope and energy.
September 25, 2008

Shovel Award: for digging community into a bureaucratic hole

This week a Shovel has been awarded to those who support the Education Amendment Bill introduced by Education Minister Chris Carter last week (September 08).