November 28, 2008

Ladder Award: Paula Bennett, the new Minister of Social Development

This weeks Ladder Award goes to Paula Bennett, the National Party’s newly appointed Minister of Social Development for her approach to support or ‘back’ single parents (mainly women) with children who are on welfare, even if this includes support to go back on welfare if paid work or child care arrangements don’t work out
October 2, 2008

Community Care: Some connections

Local resident Margreet Stronks, who was the main instigator and driving force behind OSCAR, described care as being closer to the German form of care - solicitude, care for, care about, in this case, the children in St Albans.
October 2, 2008

Human Care caught between care for profits and care about regulations

As private-public partnerships become increasingly established as normal practice, community care can become bound up with other forms of care: care for profit and care for regulation. What are the possible consequences of this trend for human care in our communities, care for each other, and care about our own possibilities?