December 22, 2009

Village Connections for Sustainable Local – and Global – Solutions

2009 has been a year in which big leaders have had a lot to say about vision, aspirations and hope, while saying very little about the practical steps needed to translate these into reality.
November 13, 2009

Finding Leaders

In my work (academic and community) I’ve felt increasing disquiet about the number of times I’ve heard people call for a leader – someone who can take charge, someone who “we” can follow, someone will lead us from the wilderness, from the uncertainty, someone who will know what to do, and who will act in our interests …
October 21, 2008

Ladder Award to James Flynn – practical social science to replace populist fear

This weeks Ladder is awarded to James Flynn who illustrates how social and economic science reflection and research can help to transform opinions based on fear to considered perspectives based on knowledge and understanding.