April 9, 2009

Co-creating local place

In her community-building work, Margreet Stonks made living in the locality an explicit, reflexive, ongoing process.
March 31, 2009

Ladder Award: Steve Wratten for noting presence of many unnoticed local inhabitants

His explanation of the need for biodiversity is interesting and easy to understand.
March 20, 2009

Ladder Award: Adam Hutchinson for easy-to-use system for texting feedback

All concerned are better off if there are effective feedback loops and giving and receiving feedback is made easy.
February 8, 2009

‘The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last’ – Oscar Wilde

Much has been made of the need for innovation and creativity to address concerns about disruptions to the global economy, its ecology and how this will impact on the quality of peoples lives. At the same time, much of this technological innovation helps to ensure citizens remain distracted and disengaged from much of what is happening or, most significantly, what they could possibly do about it.
October 30, 2008

Ladder Award: Ross Himona for creative approach to inclusive development

The most important task for us today is to nurture the release of the creative potential of our people. That can only be done at the local level, at the grassroots or flaxroots level where the people are. It cannot be done globally or nationally. And the most important role of the new technologies is to facilitate the release of that creative potential (Ross Nepia Himona)
September 3, 2008

The Unworthy Tree – a true story

When she went to the council about the tree, they just laughed, and said "the tree didn’t measure up, that it wasn’t worth saving.” The tree was not native, it was not special, and so it did not qualify as the kind of tree the council would protect. Read how this tree become worthy.