September 3, 2010

New Media Enables New Participation – So Why Isn’t It Happening?

As Gerhard Fischer reminds us we are dealing with complex issues that are beyond the grasp of individuals. I would also add, beyond the grasp of elected representatives.
February 8, 2009

‘The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last’ – Oscar Wilde

Much has been made of the need for innovation and creativity to address concerns about disruptions to the global economy, its ecology and how this will impact on the quality of peoples lives. At the same time, much of this technological innovation helps to ensure citizens remain distracted and disengaged from much of what is happening or, most significantly, what they could possibly do about it.
September 22, 2008

The now worthy tree – some connections

In an article in the St Albans community paper STANN, it was stated: “this amazing achievement will be remembered by St Albans people as a sign that they have again become an identifiable community - a community with enough hope and fortitude to dare to try and change things for the better.”
September 3, 2008

The Unworthy Tree – a true story

When she went to the council about the tree, they just laughed, and said "the tree didn’t measure up, that it wasn’t worth saving.” The tree was not native, it was not special, and so it did not qualify as the kind of tree the council would protect. Read how this tree become worthy.