March 4, 2009

A local connection-based social work model

When I was a local government representative in the mid 1990s, I relied heavily on the wisdom of people I referred to as ‘Community Translators’ - people such as Rick Kahukiwa
February 4, 2009

First, Winston Peters and North Korea – now, Murray McCully and Iran?

John Gallagher notes how a new way for nuclear-free New Zealand to relate well to the US is to help it to make peaceful connections. The previous Foreign Minister, Winston Peters, helped connection-building between North Korea and the US. Could Peter’s successor, Mr McCully, work with his officials to do something similar between Iran and the US?
November 6, 2008

Ladder Award: Canterbury Development Corp. for innovative brokering

John Gallagher nominates the Canterbury Development Corporation for this week’s Ladder Award (6 November 08) for its highly innovative brokering of a joint venture partnership between New Zealand’s Endeavour Capital and China’s Wuhan Huagong Venture Capital Company.