June 18, 2010

“Strong Sustainability” Excerpts

"Community is a global (connected to global communities via technology) network of networks. Technology enables active participation in local and national conversations and decision making." From "Strong Sustainability for New Zealand: principles and scenarios"
March 19, 2010

From recession to same old – opportunity lost

Now that it seems there are no major problems after all, so there is no need to change and there is no need for new ideas. Does anyone else agree it’s a pity that many seem to have flicked back to the same ways of thinking and acting which got us into a mess?
January 20, 2010

Giving Birth to a New Economy by a Managed Contraction

Deirdre Kent, Laurence Boomert and Helen Dew write: "The twin debts of a flawed money system combined with our binge on fossil fuels are both coming due at the same time The party is over."