November 6, 2009

Child care policy – what form of care?

Babies need to have familiar, trusted people they can relate to. However, high staff turnover in most child care facilities makes it difficult to meet the need babies have for stable attachments - a familiar person who shows interest in them beyond feeding and changing nappies.
February 8, 2009

‘The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last’ – Oscar Wilde

Much has been made of the need for innovation and creativity to address concerns about disruptions to the global economy, its ecology and how this will impact on the quality of peoples lives. At the same time, much of this technological innovation helps to ensure citizens remain distracted and disengaged from much of what is happening or, most significantly, what they could possibly do about it.
November 28, 2008

Ladder Award: Paula Bennett, the new Minister of Social Development

This weeks Ladder Award goes to Paula Bennett, the National Party’s newly appointed Minister of Social Development for her approach to support or ‘back’ single parents (mainly women) with children who are on welfare, even if this includes support to go back on welfare if paid work or child care arrangements don’t work out
September 25, 2008

Shovel Award: for digging community into a bureaucratic hole

This week a Shovel has been awarded to those who support the Education Amendment Bill introduced by Education Minister Chris Carter last week (September 08).